Billion Acts


Billion Acts is a non-profit backed by Google and 14 Nobel Laureates with the goal of inspiring individuals, communities, and organizations to perform acts of peace in their communities.


Evaluate and test existing landing page and on-boarding.

Increase active daily users.

Increase conversion rate.


Deliver clickable prototypes for development that are backed by user testing.


UX Researcher

UI Designer

Production Designer

Interaction Designer


User Research

Research Analysis

High-fidelity design files



Pen & Paper







Billion Acts challenged the design team to examine the landing page and on-boarding with the goal of increasing conversion and active daily users. 

As a team, we operated on two-week design sprints.


Conducted usability testing, analyzed landing pages for organizations with a similar focus to Billion Acts, and synthesized the research into actionable tasks for improving landing page design.

Landing pages of similar websites

Affinity mapping

We compiled user feedback, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the existing design. This process helped us to focus in on major pain points.

I was focused on the landing page and determined the following issues needed to be addressed:

  • Value Proposition - Users did not fully grasp the purpose of Billion Acts
  • Trust - Users felt that the primary CTA was vague and didn't encourage trust. The 'Donate' button was not trusted by any users tested
  • Design - On the whole, users liked the design, brand, and colors but felt that primary color purple was overused
  • Navigation - CTAs and header navigation were labelled or organized in ways that did not encourage click through

Affinity mapping with testing results

Desgin exploration

For the landing page design, I led two designers, taking research analysis and iterating on low and high fidelity design.


This case study is under construction.

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